20 Hrs In-Vehicle Training + 15 Hrs Online


We offer the Alberta Government Insurance Reduction Program: 20 Hours In-Vehicle Training + 15 Hours Online.

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Pick your car of choice for training: Tesla or SUV. Tesla Driving School offers a big opportunity to individuals with no driving experience and/or are preparing for Class 5 probationary license and Class 5 non-probationary license. Our driving courses in Edmonton are designed to help you become a very responsible citizen and drive with a great freedom and confidence on the road. The most essential part of our driving courses is to make you a defensive and prudent driver on the road.  At the successful completion of your driver’s training course with Tesla driving school, you may be entitled with a discount on your insurance by your insurance company while calculating your premiums. The on-road driver training is provided in areas which are similar to ones you will be facing on your road test. Our highly professional, skillful and experienced instructors will be there to serve you and design personalized driving lessons in Edmonton for individual students according to their needs. Our competent driving instructors will educate you according to the Laws of Alberta as well. The driving courses are well-designed for both novice drivers and those who are having a good driving experience but want to enhance their driving skills. *** Minimum driving hours will be 2 hours per session. This can be reduced as per the availability of the instructor.***