14 Hrs Road Driving + 15 Hrs in Classroom


Pick your car of choice for training: Tesla or SUV.

Free pick-up, drop off



Pick your car of choice for training: Tesla or SUV. We offer the Alberta Government Insurance reduction program 14 Hours Road Driving, and 15 Hours in classroom which allows you to become a responsible driver. The idea behind this training is to make you understand the Basic Traffic Laws, Parking Maneuvers, and getting familiar with the vehicle, so that you know how to Operate the Controls and Gauges, Preparing and Driving during the Adverse Conditions. This course will also help you for Lane Changing, Highway Driving, Controlled and Uncontrolled Intersection Driving, Backing, Angle Parking, Perpendicular Parking, Uphill Parking, Downhill Parking, Parallel Parking, One way Driving. This will also help you for your driving at Railway Crossing, Traffic Circles, Merging, Weave Zone, 2-3 Point Turns, and Downtown Conditions. *** Minimum driving hours will be 2 hours per session. This can be reduced as per the availability of the instructor. ***

Free pick-up, drop off